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About Pro Point Lures

Pro Point Fishing Lures is a fishing lures company that is dedicated to inventing,  designing, producing, manufacturing, and selling innovative artificial baits for a variety of fish species.   Our lures are designed with an emphasis on fishing effectiveness, which separates our product from the many generic, merely replicated bass fishing lures available to fishermen.   Years and years of testing and reviewing spawned the beginning of Pro Point Fishing Lures, but we were not content with merely manufacturing the same lures as everyone else.    Our lures, in contrast to many existing designs, will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and what is expected.  


Scott Garman and Roger Haas - creators and founders of Pro Point Fishing Lures -  are also experienced tournament bass anglers who compete at a high level, and as a direct result of this competitive experience, both individuals have incorporated the successful features and characteristics of many baits to create new, exciting bass fishing lures that the fish simply haven't seen - until now!  It is out of these life-long experiences that both Scott and Roger have been able to create lures that work for the average recreational angler and the competitive bass angler. 


Scott Garman, specifically, has over 18 years of lure design, development, and manufacturing experience, and Roger Haas focuses on lure color coordination, rigging techniques, and product development.   The two individuals truly form a complete package of experience and creativity that is unmatched.   The process begins with a simple idea, followed by design plans that consider lure type, lure size, lure color, lure shape, and lure productivity.   Once the ideas are firmly communicated, a prototype hand-carved lure is created for testing and reviewing, which can take months to years, depending on the lure's complexity.  


Pro Point Fishing Lures baits are rigorously tested on ponds, lakes, and rivers across the United States by Elite Series Pros and FLW Tour Pros.  The company relies on their feedback, along with local and regional tournament bass anglers' feedback, to perfectly craft an effective lure that catches bass and fish of all sizes and aggression levels.   Once this feedback is entrenched in any modifications to finalize a lure's creation, the lure has truly reached The Pro Point.   


If you have any questions about Pro Point Fishing Lures' innovative fishing lures, please contact




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