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Pro Point Fishing Lures is proud of its awesome balance of experienced pro staff members from all over the United States. Some of our pro staff members fish as boater at the highest level of bass fishing while others fish as co-anglers at various professional levels of the sport.   One thing, though, they all share in common is a competitive spirit and an ability to adapt and overcome fishing obstacles - learning how to win like a winner and how to lose like a winner.  Competitive bass fishing is riddled with many losses and far fewer wins, and Pro Point Fishing Lures is interested in showcasing only those anglers who demonstrate character, fishing ability, marketing ability, and social media experience.   So we are extremely proud of the pro staff we've created.  


If you would like to join TEAM PPFL in future seasons, here are a few suggestions:


1. Ask yourself how can you - the experienced bass angler - help Pro Point Fishing Lures.


2. Ask yourself how Pro Point Fishing Lures can assist you with your career and/or fishing objectives.


3. Purchase and use our baits prior to asking for sponsorship - we want our pro staff members to effectively use our products prior to joining the team. 


4. Create a short, concise written or video biography that details your fishing accomplishments and social media accounts.


5. Are you a team player?   We only want cooperative, self-starting anglers to join TEAM PPFL.   


When you are ready, if you feel you would be a good representative for our unique fishing lures, please contact us.  


Below you will find an image gallery celebrating our existing pro staff members - please don't hesitate to find them on social media entities to network!  And finally, please visit our blog to access the latest news related to our pro staff members.   



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