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Pro Point Fishing Lures uses various shipping options to deliver products to its customers - depending on the type of shipping selected.   Our primary objective is to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner: we fully acknowledge that our innovative bass fishing lures help bass fishermen with their tournaments, and if our products aren't delivered in a timely manner, it could ultimately effect a tournament.   If you need  expedited shipping, we will do everything in our power to facilitate the quickest delivery options available to consumers.   
Once your order is submitted for shipping and we receive tracking numbers, we will gladly share this tracking information with you.   If you experience any issues with shipping, do not hesitate to contact Pro Point Fishing Lures.   We appreciate your business and we will take whatever measures necessary to keep you as a customer.   
In terms of returns, Pro Point Fishing Lures has a No Return policy.   If for some reason you are dissatisfied with an order, one of our amazing products, or any other reason ... Please contact us so we can resolve the issue for you.   While we do implement a No Return policy, we will do everything within our control to correct any issue.   
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