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Pro Point Fishing Lures began manufacturing the Underspin Under Crunch Minnow a few months prior to the Bassmaster Classic win in 2014.  During the creation phase, we wanted to manufacture a similar swimbait to the Crunch Minnow - only we wanted to add the benefit of a small-to-medium sized underspin in a variety of colors, with an emphasis on silver and gold.   As luck would have it, we innovatively added the underspin feature to the existing Crunch Minnow, tested it, and loved the results: we achieved the best of both worlds - realistic swimbait action coupled with underspin technology.   


Silver Underspin:


The Underspin Under Crunch Minnow with the silver underspin is our most popular model: it can be fished on clear ponds, rivers, and lakes (even the ocean) and entice the stingiest of fish to feed and strike.   Especially effective on sunnier, clear days, the Silver Underspin adds that extra flash when fish are less inclined to chase down solitary swimbaits.   We've also noticed that the silver underspin is incredibly effective during the summer and early fall seasons, as it tends to perform in a more finesse-like manner when largemouth bass, spotted bass, and even smallmouth bass group together.   But bass of all kinds - from stripers and hybrids and white bass to largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass - love it equally, and if you want to set a school of bass on fire, this is the right fishing lure for the job! 


Gold Underspin:


The above description also applies to the Gold Underspin Under Crunch Minnow, with the added benefit of a deeper, more effective flash in dingier water conditions and cloudy fishing conditions.   If the Silver Underspin Under Crunch Minnow isn't producing a reaction or hunger strike and the fishing conditions are cloudier and dingier water, you should immediately switch the the Gold Underspin.   The colder, cloudier fall, winter, and spring months tend to be more effective for the Gold Underspin, so be sure to stock up when the fishing becomes tougher and tougher due to crazier weather conditions.   


Characteristics/Uses for Both Silver and Gold Underspin Under Crunch Minnow:


1. 2 swimbaits per pack

2. Each swimbait has a flexible arm strategically placed near the weighted head, attached to a #3 willow leaf blade

3. Each underspin has a quality swivel for continuous blade movement

4. Each bait offers flash, realistic swimming action, and soft, flexible texture 

5. Mend-it can be used, like with other swimbaits, to heal any texture tears/rips











Silver Underspin Under Crunch Minnow

Gold Underspin Under Crunch Minnow

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