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Pro Point Fishing Lures has a history of creating, developing, and manufacturing innovative fishing baits for anglers who demand soft baits that are original - for soft baits that various species of fish have not yet seen or experienced.  The new and revolutionary creature bait and craw soft bait "The Bug" is designed to catch various types of bass - largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass - in the toughest fishing conditions.   


"The Bug" can be used in conjunction with the following fishing techniques: Carolina Rig (must try technique with this particular soft bait), Texas Rig, as a jig trailer, weightless, and even on power drop shots.  Huge bass of all kinds are tricked into feeding and/or striking this realistic creature-craw artificial lure and due to the variety in color schemes, anglers who thrive in clear, stained, or dirty water can all benefit from using this innovative twist on creature baits.  


Unique Characteristics:


1. Soft, flexible body that is also simultaneously durable

2. Leg appendages that bend, flutter when the bait moves

3. Hook space on the mid-body segment for skin-hooking

4. Two long tentacles that move in a spherical motion, displacing water

5. Realistic head design (eyes, antenaes, and ribbed texture)


Make no mistake, "The Bug" is already becoming a big bass soft bait for fishermen across the United States.  Each bag is hand-poured for the freshest, high quality standards.   If you need any assistance on how best to fish this innovative soft plastic bait, don't hesitate to contact us!  We want you to be successful with our fishing baits.  


Quantity: 6 Per Bag

Three Sizes: Large (3.16" Original Bug), Medium (2.5" Junior Bug), and Small (2.25" Lil' Bugger)


                                 Original Qty: 6, Junior Qty: 8, and Lil Bugger Qty: 10

1. Click on the product title/name

2. Pop Up Opens

3. Choose your favorite size (L, M, or S)

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