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Pro Point Fishing Lures is proud to introduce its new topwater fishing lure the Rat Trap.  This floating, solid body, soft plastic fishing lure is revolutionary and completely unique in the realm of topwater fishing baits in bass fishing.  


The Rat Trap body design consists of two boot tail legs that kick and bubble on the water's surface while the auger style tail flutters beneath the surface, which enhances the overall action of the lure and makes it more appealing to lurking largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.  With the head and body design of a rodent, the Rat Trap can be fished slowly over matted vegetation or buzzed around laydowns or fished in open water.  


Each package contains one Mustad heavy wire wide gap flipping hook.  (Extra hooks can be purchased on this site.)


It can be rigged with a bottom treble hook.  Use a swivel, split ring, and hook.  We highly recommend braided line with the Rat Trap.  


Our patent pending Spring Load Hook Release System consists of three nylon parts that are placed and molded inside of each Rat Trap.  Each component is unique in design and individual function.


1. Flanged Nose Tube - Solid, efficient hooksets and tear prevention.  Fishing line is inserted into the front nose tube and exits out the belly hole next to the Tension Cam.  Once exiting the belly hole, the fishing line is tied directly to our provided Mustad hook.  The hook eye slot ensures the Mustad hook remains perpendicular and prevents hook rotation, which would result in missed bass strikes and bass hits. 


2. Tension Cam - Allows the hook to be weedless.  This component puts tension on the hook's shaft, but allows the lure to collapse when a bass bites it.  


3. Hook Point Plate and Slot - Hook point andf barb rest inside an open weedless slot.  


4. Fiber Tulle - Inserted/Designed into the boot tail legs for added strength and durability. 




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