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SBS  (Small Batch Swimmers)

Hand poured in small batches in #thebugshop #805


With a custom blend of plastic, it walks the line between a swimming action that draws the attention  from the big dawgs and the durability to withstand their strikes. 


Designed to be fished with a screw in belly type hook weighted or unweighted (beast/ flashy swimmer) The slot in the belly allows for solid HOOK UPS!


Recommended hook sizes:

  • 5"-6/0

  • 6"-8/0

  • 7"-10/0

  • 8.5"-12/0


Use the largest size CPS center pin spring for the larger size SBS's


Can also be rigged on a jig style head.

Add our under spin attachment for add flash.

With a little customizing can be turned into a line through. 







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