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Pro Point Fishing Lures embraces all forms of social media, and our pro staff members can be accessed via social media all over the Internet.   Due to our image and video-based culture, PPFL uses social media to connect with its customers, pro staff members, and other bass anglers across the world.   In addition to connecting with people, our images, videos, and news allow PPFL to demonstrate our baits' effectiveness for recreational bass fishing and competitive, tournament bass fishing - along with crappie fishing, white bass, striper, hybrids, and even saltwater species.   


Our unique fishing baits and terminal tackle can be used on everything from ponds, lakes, and rivers to the ocean, catching insanely sized fish and insane quanties of fish.   Our social media accounts display our baits in action and we appreciate feedback from our customers, followers, and fellow anglers.   Please be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Tumblr, and other social media sites.   Once you follow us, you can receive discount codes, the latest PPFL news, and access the latest images and videos that feature our bass baits and bass fishing apparel.   

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