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Pro Point Fishing Lures created The Bug for anglers who wanted a unique creature soft bait that still had some elements of a craw soft bait.   As a result, anglers across the United States, upon testing this bait out on a variety of bass fisheries, learned all too quickly that The Bug is easily one of 2016's top soft bait creations for Texas Rig and Carolina Rig fishing.   However, PPFL began testing it on wobble head jigs and stand up jigs for the ultimate ledge fishing.  So PPFL's The Bug led to the creation of our unique Stand Up JIgs that work perfectly with The Bug or any other type of soft plastic bait that anglers want to use.  


Stand Up Jigs aren't new to the fishing industry, but there is a difference in craftsmanship - namely as it pertains to the high quality Mustad Ultra Point hook and quality lead material with superior paint coated jig heads with a flat bottom and rounded sides to ensure the jig remains upright, but that can also be dragged or shook to bring the soft plastic lure to life ... without toppling over and destroying an opportunity to catch lurking largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or spotted bass.   In the last 2-3 years stand up jigs have become very important tools for catching extremely large fish who are somewhat tentative in what they opt to strike or eat.  PPFL's Stand Up Jigs have been thoroughly tested and are designed specifically to help you maximize your fishing experience - whether recreational or competitively.   


The PPFL Stand Up Jig is available in the following sizes and colors:


3/8, 1/2, 5/8 oz - 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point on Each Sizes


2 Stand Up Jigs per Bag 


Matching jig head colors for PPFL's The Bug





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