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Pro Point Fishing Lures (PPFL) shocked the fishing industry when the Crunch Minnow was invented and ultimately released to the public.   The shock didn't originate from initial impressions of the bait's size and overall appearance (though that is one of the appealing factors), but upon using the Crunch Minnow, even on the first cast in many instances, fishermen from all walks of life catching fish, especially bass, at different levels of the water column, like many swimbaits do.   However, the Crunch Minnow swims and dives unlike any other swimbait ever made.  This success is precisely a result of the weighted, internal head design.  


Many artificial lure companies and soft plastic lure companies manufacture larger swimbait lures and the overall tendency, when it comes to swimbaits, is to believe "bigger is better," but for tournament anglers - for men and women fishing for 2-6lb bass - the Crunch Minnow is ideally sized to entice even the most suspicious fish into striking and/or feeding.   The Crunch Minnow is moderately sized with a 1/4 oz. weight, designed with soft plastic texture, and realistic colors that mimic baitfish found in a variety of fisheries.   Most importantly, due to the actual size and tail design, anglers can expect the most realistic swimming movements.  After all, the goal is to fool the fish, and the Crunch Minnow is designed to fool them each and every time.   


For many anglers who fish pressured waters, swimbaits of this nature can save the day because they can, and are, used in many fishing situations.   While other soft baits and fishing lures are truly seasonally-based lures, the Crunch Minnow is ready for action during the winter, pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, summer, and fall months.   The fact is, bass of all types (even some saltwater fish) will feed on baitfish all year long, and baits that truly mirror baitfish movement and appearance, if fished according to the particular season, will prove successful.  The Crunch Minnow excels in this area and pros all over the United States rely on it to cash tournament checks.   


Many anglers use the Crunch Minnow in the following fishing situations:


1. Solitary swimbait near rip-rap

2. Solitary swimbait near grass edges

3. Solitary swimbait, hopped, on hard-bottomed shallow flats

4. Solitary swimbait flipped onto spawning beds (bass cannot stand it)

5. On three-wire, five-wire, and even nine-wire Alabama Rigs and Umbrella Rigs

6. Solitary swimbait for suspended fish (especially during colder months or clear fisheries)







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