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Pro Point Fishing Lures not only manufactures elite fishing soft baits and swimbaits, but PPFL also stocks the slickest fishing apparel - from hats, shirts, decals to upcoming hoodies, beanies, and sun shirts.   It's important to wear the ideal clothing while fishing, and also to sport your swag with authority.   Style, individuality, and self-expression while simultaneously expressing connection with PPFL - fish as only you can fish! 


Pro Point Fishing Lures' fishing apparel is easy-to-wear, quality-constructed, comfortable, and unique.   Manufactured with the highest quality materials, each item is designed for long-life.   PPFL also welcomes you, the angler, to shoot images when you catch fish while wearing our apparel: we would love to celebrate you.   Please don't hesitate to contact us - email us - with any fishing images you wish to share: we'd love to share your images!   


If there is a particular type of hat, shirt, hoodie, decal ... Anything you want to recommend that PPFL start stocking, again, please don't hesitate to contact us. Many thanks to you - our loyal customers and our prospective customers.  



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