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Internet Security & Protection

At Pro Point Fishing Lures we protect your personal information by not storing critical personal information on the site.   While some companies store credit card numbers, we opt, instead, to use PayPal as our primary method of shipping information and payment.  Your email address will never be used for solicitation purposes, as we do not share any of your personal information.   


To protect all of our customers we do not accept checks, money orders, or credit card numbers over the phone or via email.   We pay for PayPal services to ensure each customer is fully protected, and we do not manually enter credit card numbers.    Again, this is to ensure Pro Point Fishing Lures can protect each customers, so we are inflexible on this policy.    


Once a customer orders his/her products, from the checkout page, he/she will be transferred to the secure and convenient-to-use PayPal server.   We do accept all major credit cards, but PayPal accounts can be used, as well.  


Pro Point Fishing Lures uses thirdy party payment companies to ensure each customer's confidential personal and financial information is secure and safe.   No personal information of any sort is stored on this website.  This is the precise reason we favor PayPal as a secure payment method.    

Group Sales

PPro Point Fishing Lures does offer group sales advantages to bass clubs, tournament trails, high school teams, and college teams.   However, we are highly selective of the individuals and groups that are included in this benefit program.   If you would like your organization, team, or group to be considered for our competitive Group Sales Program, please contact


We want you to be successful using our products.  Please let us know if you need any assistance.  






We do sell our products at wholesale price to online retailers and physical store locations.   However, we do monitor and enforce strict MAP agreements with each retailer.   We would love for your store to carry Pro Point Fishing Lures products.   If interested, please contact  We do have a wholesale and retail application that is available once a prospective business contacts us.   


We can provide you with product images, videos,  logos, and whatever other promotional material you might need to add our products to your website or to include them in your brick-and-mortar location.   





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