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Crunch Minnow

ProPoint Lures invents, develops, manufactures, and distributes the most innovative fishing lures in the industry.  Years and years of rigorous testing and bait modification occur before Pro Point Lures releases new products for the public to use and purchase.   As a result of this intensive process, fishermen can expect only top-notch performance and quality as a byproduct of Pro Point Lures' ongoing pursuit to develop the ultimate bass fishing lures and bass fishing baits.   Quality is our primary objective with each and every lure we sell.   








The Crunch Minnow originated from our recognition that medium-sized swimbaits could be modified to become truly productive bass fishing baits for the entire year - as opposed to during specific periods of the year.   With an internal weight system that differs greatly from most lures (a weighted head that assists with swimming, hopping, and a vertical presentation), Pro Point Lures realized just how deadly a lure could become with a few minor, yet significant modifications.   Then, the need for a truly soft, life-like texture became a necessity - a texture that would aid with realistic swimming movements along with more productive hooksets.   So we developed our very own soft plastic texture that achieves both goals.   


Additionally, the Crunch Minnow has become a go-to swimbait for Alabama Rigs (A-Rigs) and Umbrella Rigs.  With the 1/4 oz internal weight system, there's no need to fumble with weighted hooks, ripping swimbaits, or any of the hassles that come with adding swimbaits to A-rigs.  Thus, by using our realistic Crunch Minnow soft baits on your A-Rig, you save time, effort, and money, but more importantly, you will catch more fish with our A-Rig swimbaits than traditional A-Rig soft baits.   Give the fish what they want - what YOU know they will like.  



Under Crunch Minnow

Pro Point Lures revolutionized the swimbait industry with its introduction of the Crunch Minnow.    Alabama Rig bass anglers from all over the United States witnessed the exceptional tournament sacks caught with Crunch Minnows leading the way.    However, a plentitude of requests surfaced, asking Pro Point Lures to modify the Crunch Minnow by turning it into an under-spin bait that could be used during the colder months, on windier days, and when water clarity was an issue - much like a spinnerbait or a bladed jig would be used.   Thus, the Pro Point Lures Under Crunch Minnow came into existence.   The results have been tremendous.   


The  Under Crunch Minnow  consists of the very same  appealing Crunch Minnow colors that bass anglers use.   However, gold or silver underspins are featured in the mid-body area, connected to the weight-hook system with a flexible, durable wire that can be adjusted.  A small willow leaf silver or gold blade is attached to this thin wire, which provides an emphasis on flash and also adds vibration.   As a complete package, the Under Crunch Minnow is one of the most versatile baits available for bass fishing (along with other types of fishing).  Tested in California and Texas, this new soft bait provides the flash and vibration of spinnerbaits and bladed jigs while simultaneously staying true to the Crunch Minnow's incredible swimbait profile.   

The Rat

Pro Point Fishing Lures is proud to introduce its new topwater fishing lure the Rat Trap.  This floating, solid body, soft plastic fishing lure is revolutionary and completely unique in the realm of topwater fishing baits in bass fishing.  


The Rat Trap body design consists of two boot tail legs that kick and bubble on the water's surface while the auger style tail flutters beneath the surface, which enhances the overall action of the lure and makes it more appealing to lurking largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.  With the head and body design of a rodent, the Rat Trap can be fished slowly over matted vegetation or buzzed around laydowns or fished in open water. 

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