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Pro Point Fishing Lures introduced The Bug in 2016.  Since the early months of 2016, the PPFL Bug soft bait has become a staple Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, shakeyhead, and drop shot bait for anglers around the United States.  It is one of the most versatile soft baits available to bass fishermen.  

However, for 2017, Pro Point Fishing Lures now introduces the ultimate flipping/pitching spawn soft bait - the Bed Bug. Ideally sized for sight fishing and bed fishing, bass fishermen will be able to see their bait tease and tantalize irritable males guarding beds and/or fry.

This bait size was designed precisely for spring bed fishing. If you want to see your bait, anger bedded bass, and catch lurking female lunkers, the PPFL Bed Bug should be your next purchase.

Bubblegum Bed Bug

  • Color: Bubblegum
    Size: 2.5 Junior Size
    Quantity: 8 per bag
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