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Pro Point Fishing Lures is proud unveil its latest 2017 New Fishing Lure: the Rat Trap!  This amazing topwater lure took years to craft, perfect, and prepare for serious bass anglers of all competitive levels.  Each Rat Trap topwater lure consists of two boot tail legs (bubbling, swimming motions) and an auger style tail that flutters.  

Bass of all sizes will annihilate this topwater lure. It makes noise like a buzzbait, can swim/pop similar to a traditional frog, and glides and swims like cast-and-retrieve soft plastic, hollow belly frogs. Basically, it is the best of multiple worlds - all in one topwater lure. It is manufactured with a 6/0 heavy wire flipping Mustad hook.

The Rat Trap - Black

  • 1. Contains 1 6/0 heavy wire flipping Mustad hook (more are available on this website - if you need replacements)

    2. Nose Tube (internally part of the lure itself)

    3. Tension Cam (allows for weedless applications)

    4. Hook Point Plate and Slot (continued weedless application)

    5. 1 Rat Trap per package

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