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Crushing Largemouth Bass on Lake Ray Hubbard

Crushing largemouth bass? Absolutely. The Pro Point Fishing Lures "Underspin Under Crunch Minnow" reigned as the numero uno late fall fishing bait, end of story. On Lake Ray Hubbard, in Rockwall, Texas, it was difficult to identify a specific pattern - until we picked up the "Underspin Under Crunch Minnow," which is a slight modification to the original PPFL Crunch Minnow (has a medium-sized underspin added to the original swimbait).

Crazy, crazy times ensued and trying to keep up with the largemouth bass seemed almost impossible. Even crazier, we did try a few other swimbaits and moving soft plastics, but we couldn't get a bite - until we started throwing the Pro Point Fishing Lures Under Crunch Minnow. I've actually never witnessed anything quite like it, especially since the overall bite for weeks had proved tremendously difficult, even for the small green monsters.

Steven McClendon, too, one of my fishing partners and also a part of Team PPFL, couldn't believe how well this bait works, but after using it for two solid days, he was sold and has been a part of the family ever since. Below you will find a few images of the Pro Point Fishing Lures "Underspin Under Crunch Minnow" in action.

Many thanks to Roger and Scott for the sponsorship and for creating incredible fishing baits that tournament bass anglers can rely upon when the fishing becomes tough. Pro Point Fishing Lures is leading innovation in the custom soft plastics and swimbait market. If you want to catch highly pressured largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass, you absolutely should consider the PPFL Crunch Minnow and Underspin Under Crunch Minnow as your bait choice.

Jeremy Williams on Lake Ray Hubbard with PPFL

Largemouth bass crushing the Mud Minnow Under Crunch Minnow

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