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Pro Point Fishing Lures "The Bug" in Action

Pro Point Fishing Lures has invested its time, energy, and creativity into creating innovative fishing baits that fish simply haven't seen - or if they've seen something similar, baits that demonstrate unique action and movement that many other baits cannot perform. We started with the PPFL Crunch Minnow and then, with a slight modification, created the PPFL Underspin Under Crunch Minnow. In the background, we created The Rat - a topwater lure not yet seen in the fishing industry, currently in production and to be released soon - for topwater bass fishing junkies, and we've been testing one of our newest soft baits, the PPFL "The Bug", which is a creature-craw soft bait.

I personally tested "The Bug" on several bass fisheries - from Clear Lake to the Delta - to identify which fishing techniques would work best for this unique soft bait. Wow, the results were insane! Once we identified largemouth bass and spotted bass, we began a process of testing another fishing company's creature bait in comparison to the Pro Point Fishing Lures "The Bug," which outperformed our competitor's creature bait 4:1. I personally caught largemouth bass between 3-7lbs during each occasion of testing "The Bug" - and, mind you, again, this product testing was done on well-respected, difficult to fish waters (not ponds and small private lakes). At Pro Point Fishing Lures, we are stoked about the future - from "The Bug" to "The Rat" and, of course, our original baits ... These soft baits flat out catch fish of all types, but especially for our tournament bass anglers ...

Below is an image a pro staffer made for In the image, if you look closely, you will see the Pro Point Fishing Lures "The Bug" in this massive largemouth bass' mouth. This is, to date, the largest bass we've caught with "The Bug" - on a Carolina Rig set up.

Scott Garman of PPFL with "The Bug"

Black and Blue "The Bug" in the mold

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